No matter what you might have heard to the contrary, paying the right amount of tax is not as simple as SARS would sometimes have you believe. One mistake or oversight could end up costing you dearly. This is why we provide a professional income tax service to the public to ensure that you are neither paying too much, nor too little tax.

We also advise where tax savings might be had as and when such opportunities present themselves.

Geraldine Heads up the Tax Division and is ably assisted by Maheshrie.

Our clients are able to draw on Geraldine’s knowledge and skills in this field. (Geraldine has gained 12 years practical experience working for SARS themselves.)

Some of the services offered by this division include:

Tax Returns (Tax Calculations, submissions and verifications with SARS) for:
  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • Trusts
  • Provisional Taxpayers (1st and 2nd periods)
  • Submission of Personal Arrear Tax returns
  • Submission of Company Arrear Tax returns
Tax Clearances for:
  • Emigration
  • Foreign Investments
  • Certificate of Good Standing
Other Tax services:
  • Request for Tax Amnesty
  • Objections in respect of Assessments
  • Request for the remission of a Penalty
  • Appeals
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